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Conference System of a Radio Authority

Conference System of a Radio Authority

Background Introduction:

Centralized computer room before people's impression is only applied to the management of high-end servers. In recent years, with the continuous development of Internet +, various industries need to deal with more and more information, so many enterprises are equipped with their own independent computer rooms to facilitate management.


Customer requirements:

The 32 servers of the conference system of a radio authority should be provided to the computer room management, the daily use of the conference room and the large screen demonstration.

1. At the local end of the computer room, managers hope to centralize access to 16 servers, while supporting remote access and monitoring. Once problems are found, they can solve them in time.

2. In the conference room, the pictures of 16 other servers need to be displayed on the large screen projection display of daily meetings, without affecting the operation of the computer room.

Technical challenges:

1. The need to support remote access, easy to find and solve problems

2. The distance between conference operating room and computer room is up to 100m. How to achieve long-distance transmission without affecting the normal operation of daily meetings?



16-port Ipkvm Switcher: MT-1916UL-IP 1

8-port hdmikvm switcher: MT-0801HK 2

120m hdmikvm extender: MT-120HK 2 sets

Programme product characteristics:


1. Integrate keyboard, mouse, display and switch into one. Realize the function of single user using control platform to control multiple hosts, with an IP remote interface to support IP remote monitoring

2. 16-port LCD screen IPKVM switch supports original servers such as SUN, IBM, Dell, Tide, Baode, Dawn, Lenovo, Yanxiang, Yanhua, Cresun, Volkswagen, Weida, Aixin and other industrial computers.

Support DOS, Windows 9X, NT, Win2000, WinXP, Win7, Linux, Novell and other operating systems



1. Supporting 4KX2K

2. Support button switching and hotkey switching

3. Compatible with Mac, DOS, Linux, Unix, Windows series and other operating systems


1. Innovative use of adaptive network technology can automatically adjust the length of the network from 1 to 120 meters to match the parameters and output the best.

2. Lightning protection, static electricity protection and interference prevention

3. No Driver, Plug and Play

4. Real-time transmission, no delay

5. Supporting HDMI Signal and KVM Mouse Keyboard Signal Extension

6. Using CAT5e or CAT6 twisted pair cable to transmit and install simply



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