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Application of HDMI Extender in Guangzhou Outdoor Advertising

Application of HDMI Extender in Guangzhou Outdoor Advertising

Application of HDMI Extender in Guangzhou Outdoor Advertising

Case introduction:


A certain advertisement has set up 60 large and medium-sized retail stores in China. It has achieved solid cooperation with the top 50 IT manufacturers in terms of market resources, advertising agents, brand promotion, etc. and has jointly built the largest and highest turnover IT channel retail platform in China with more than 15,000 retailers.

Fame has also brought a large number of customers to put out outdoor advertisements, many of which extend the HD signal to the remote HD screen through Xiaohe Technologies HDMI extender.



Customer requirements:

1. The transmission of outdoor advertisements requires exquisite painting quality, and the weather in Guangzhou is wet in spring and very hot in summer. Long-term operation requires stable and trouble-free equipment.

2. Guarantee low loss of long-distance transmission signal, clear output signal, and vivid and vivid details of each picture.

3. One-to-one signal transmission to achieve the simultaneous display of different advertising content on each large screen.


Case product characteristics:

1. Adopting SMT process, the performance is better.

With SMT technology, the product has high reliability, strong anti-seismic ability, high frequency anti-static, lightning protection, strong anti-interference ability and better performance.

2. Built-in radiator, with heat sink outside, with higher stability

Professional radiator, shell reserved heat sink, enhance heat dissipation. Reduce the loss of product components in operation, or the problem of chip overheating, greatly improve the stability of the product, after a longer run time, the product can also output the best signal.

3. Alloy metal fuselage, strong shielding

The 100-meter HDMI signal extender fuselage is made of all-metal material, which greatly improves the signal shielding and ensures the conversion effect. It can work continuously and steadily 24 hours a year.

4. High quality pull-out interface

HDMI signal extender is manufactured with new high quality, oxygen-free copper and unique technology. It has been tested by thousands of hot swap experiments to ensure the safety and stability of the interface.

5. Portable design

The HDMI extender is designed by a professional designer with a compact and compact shape.


Hdmi extender mainly uses scenarios:

Multimedia Computer Teaching

Home Theater

Data remote management

Large conference


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