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Case Study of Xiaohe Technologys 100m HDMI Wireless Extender

Case Study of Xiaohe Technologys 100m HDMI Wireless Extender

Case Study of Xiaohe Technology's 100m HDMI Wireless Extender



With the development of digital information technology and the advent of the information age, micro-film as a new form of communication is increasingly appearing in people's lives. Fragmentation of information dissemination, diversification of popular culture, perfect integration of film and advertising and other factors further promote the rapid development of micro-film. The development prospects of micro-film seem to be very good, but in the process of the continuous development of micro-film, its potential management dilemma has increasingly attracted people's attention. This paper tries to explore some existing problems and countermeasures from the perspective of profit model.

Customer introduction:

A cultural communication company in Guangzhou is mainly engaged in the production of corporate brand image promotional films; the overall packaging of conference activities video; product promotion promotional films; film and television advertising production; brand micro-film production; personal image films and so on. It has served well-known enterprises such as Agricultural Bank of China, Haier, oppo and so on.

Customer scenario requirements:

As the most important part of the whole video production: video shooting, customers need to make a real-time preview of the effect of each video shooting, including the shooting angle, light, exposure, focus, etc., then communicate with the shooters, adjust and shoot the promotional films and videos that customers are satisfied with.

Customer pain points:

At present, customers connect professional cameras and display devices directly through the HDMI line. In the process of communicating with customers, customers often complain:

1. Sometimes the shooting may be far away. It's very inconvenient to always run around on a HDMI line.

2. Hdmi lines are often pulled and changed several times a month.

3. Many HDMI lines have long distances, so there is no screen (display)


Aiming at the above pain points of customers, Xiao He's HDMI wireless extender supports 1080p. The most important thing is the wireless HDMI extender. It can get rid of the cost and complexity of HDMI hardware connection. On-line reliability not only coexists with other WiMedia devices, but also does not occupy the transmission of other network signals. The longest transmission distance can reach 300. Rice.

The problems that once beset customers have now been solved.

Product features of this solution:

1. Plug and Play, Wireless Infrared Transmission, Real-time Transmission, High Definition Resolution

2. Using standard Ethernet TCP/IP protocol to transmit high-definition audio and video signals through wireless WiFi signals

3. Resolution can reach 1920*1080P@60HZ.

4. Supporting external remote infrared control, it is convenient to operate remote equipment.

5. Transmission distance up to 300 meters

6. Supporting one-to-many mode


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