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Several Mouse Switching Modes of Signal Transmitter



Mouse Switching (Serial Screen Function)

1. Switching between computers by moving the mouse. This function can only be used in the second mode of mouse operation.

2. Set Open Serial Screen Mode: "*"+"S“

3. Serial screen operation method: (taking four-port synchronizer as an example)

After opening the screen, it will automatically switch to the first computer. At this time, the mouse will be on the first computer. Move right all the time, the mouse can move to the screen of the second computer, then right all the time, it can move to the third computer, and so on. If the mouse moves to the left all the time on the fourth computer, the mouse can move to the screen of the third computer, and then to the left, the mouse can move to the second computer. On the screen, and so on; 4. The movement rule of the screen string: On the screen, on the screen, on the screen, on the screen, on the screen, on the screen, on the screen, on the screen, on the screen, on the screen, on the screen, on the screen, on the screen.

The rule of mouse moving to the right is: 1 - > 2 - > 3 - > 4 mouse moving to the left is: 4 - > 3 - > 2 - > 15. Exit the mode of serial screen: "*" + "E" or "*" + "0" Note: the function of serial screen is not maintained when power is cut off!

Four working modes of mouse (Note: switch synchronizer and save working mode after power failure) switching method:

Hold down the small healthy disk "*", then press the hotkey corresponding to the working mode, release the hotkey, and then release "*" to enter this mode.

Note: The indicator of the synchronizer flickers once every time the switch is successful.

The first mode of mouse: "*"+"F10" (default mode of work out of factory)

This mode is mainly used for 2.5D, 3D picture control. Before using this mode, the mouse line needs to be moved to a corner (until all the mouse on the screen splitter of the controlled computer display moves to the same position) before it can be moved back to achieve synchronization. Tablet computers or video recorders use this mode, and wireless mouse or more complex mouse can choose this mode.

The second mode of mouse: "*"+"F9"

In this mode, the mouse cursor position of the controlled computer keeps the same at all times during the mouse movement. This mode is suitable for 2D, partial 2.5D pictures. Mainly used for teaching, monitoring, games: tablets and video recorders can not apply this model.

The third mode of mouse: "*" + "F11" [C9 (Ninth Continent) mode]

This mode is suitable for 2D and 2.5D partial images. If the characters are easy to disperse, you can try this mode. This method holds down the button of "Dun Number" and moves the mouse at the same time. The mouse can be used normally. If the mouse is moved directly, the movement range of the mouse is very small, and the movement of the mouse up and down is normal. ("Dun Number" is the key below esc)

Fourth Mouse Mode: +F12

This mode is used for 3D picture. Before using this mode, you need to move the mouse to a corner (until all the mouse on the controlled computer monitor moves to the same position) and then move back to achieve synchronization. If there are three or more switching synchronizers cascaded, you can consider this mode, tablet computer or video recorder. You can use this pattern.


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