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Usage of VGA Matrix Signal Transmitter Conversion



1. Application of Active VGA Converter

Vga to HDMI switcher active VGA converter has obvious advantages. It is usually used in the conference room. When we are all together in the meeting, projector is the only display device. When one of us needs to show his laptop picture, we only need to connect the VGA of the laptop with the desk plug (desk plug). Connecting with the input interface of active VGA converter) can actively identify the computer signals of A and output them. If the other B wants to show its own computer pictures, it does not need A to pull them out, only B needs to connect its own computer with the desk socket (the input interface of desk socket and active VGA converter), it can be active. Identify the computer signal of B and output it. If B pulls out the VGA connector at this moment, then our equipment will detect A as the penultimate input source, directly identify A's computer and switch the output.

2. What is an Active VGA Converter

First of all, the interface of active VGA converter is all VGA: three rows of 15 holes (VGA header). Active means: access first appears, that is to say, when the equipment is in operation condition, our equipment will actively detect the final VGA signal, and switch this VGA signal to output. In addition, when the equipment is not on. If the VGA connector is already connected, then our equipment will actively switch the VGA signal output of the top line after booting.

Active VGA Converter

Briefly speaking, A, B and C are themselves. After A is connected to the computer screen of A, then B is connected to the computer screen of B, and then C is connected to the computer screen of C. At this moment, C is pulled out to show the computer screen of B, and then B is pulled out to show the computer screen of A.


Unit VGA Matrix Switching System Plan

We can need several display devices in the time of homework, while we can grasp the data change at any time. Many times, we are a team at the end of a project. We need the active cooperation and cooperation of team members, so that we can finish homework very well and quickly. We need some drawings or other drawings. His video pictures were switched to the spliced screen for the inspection and reference of the group members. The group leader could explain and assign assignments through the spliced screen.

1. Multiple Display Devices

The role of arrival: There are several display screens in our workstation. We can check the video pictures on these displays together, so that we can collect information in time and accurately.

Applied equipment: VGA matrix, such as: 4 in 4 out VGA matrix, 8 in 8 out VGA matrix, 8 in 16 out VGA matrix, 8 in 24 out VGA matrix, 16 in 32 out VGA matrix, etc.

2. Unit Stitching Screen

The role of arrival: Team members work together to complete the project, and can arbitrarily switch one or more computer video pictures of team members to a splicing screen at any time for other team members to refer to. VGA to HDMI

Applied equipment: VGA matrix, such as: 8 in 8 out VGA matrix, 16 in 8 out VGA matrix, 24 in 8 out VGA matrix, 32 in 16 out VGA matrix, etc.


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