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The Difference between HDMI Interface and DVI Interface



HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is a new type of digital audio and video interface. In the near future, HDMI will replace the signal interface of DVD, TV, STB and display. This means that consumers can use only one signal line to replace several previous ones. You can use it to connect DVD and TV.

The greatest benefit of this new digital interface is that it can transmit audio and video data at the same time, bringing consumers the highest audio and picture quality experience. Nowadays, digital audio can use light to transmit digital signals, but digital video devices such as DVD players are still using S terminals. It is a very universal analog signal interface. Of course, the digital video interface already exists. Its name is DVI. Usually you can see it on LCD.

There are three significant differences between the new HDMI interface and the DVI interface recently.



1. The volume of HDMI interface is much smaller than that of DVI interface. What makes consumers happy is that HDMI is downward compatible with DVI interfaces, which means that you can use HDMI devices to connect DVI devices, with only a small switching line in the middle. When users are fully upgraded to the new HDMI system, the previous DVI devices can still be used.

2. HDMI supports higher separation rate than DVI. Perhaps HDMI can support twice the resolution of today's HDTV.

3. DVI only supports the transmission of video signals, but audio signals need to be transmitted by other cables. HDMI distributor can transmit audio and video digital signals simultaneously.

Another big difference is the difference in object-oriented. Traditional DVI interface standards are for general PC users, while HDMI distributor interface standards are for people who use consumer electronics products, such as DVD players, home theater equipment and so on.


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