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Video Monitoring Matrix Switcher and Video Conference Signal


High-definition matrix switcher is the physical basis of real-time monitoring for key departments or important places in various industries. Management departments can obtain effective data, images or sound information through it, and monitor and memorize the process of sudden abnormal events in time, so as to provide efficient, timely command, height and distribution. Setting up police force, handling cases, etc.


With the rapid development and popularization of computer applications, a powerful digital wave has been set off all over the world. Digitalization of various equipment has become the primary goal of security protection.

The characteristics of digital surveillance are: real-time display of surveillance pictures through high definition matrix switcher, one-way adjustment of video image quality, setting of each video speed separately, fast retrieval, setting functions of various video modes, automatic backup, cloud/lens control functions, transmission through network, etc.

With the development of video surveillance, it has gone through four times alteration, which also means the continuous innovation and maturity of technology.

The first generation is the analog video matrix switcher monitoring system, which takes the video matrix as the core. Its characteristics are poor management, scalability, small storage capacity, and generally can only accommodate 20-60 camera data.

The second generation is "analog + digital" video matrix switcher monitoring system, which takes matrix fast switching signal + hard disk video recorder storage management as the core, and can accommodate 100-1000 camera data.

The third generation is IP network digital decoding matrix switcher monitoring system, which takes LAN as the core, relies on advanced video coding format, centralized management, centralized storage, and can accommodate tens of thousands of camera data.

The fourth generation is the digital intelligent video matrix switcher monitoring system. On the basis of the third generation, the fourth generation system adds intelligent elements, such as behavior pattern analysis, intelligent search, face recognition and so on. It is becoming more and more high-tech and intelligent, which is the trend of the development of video surveillance industry.

Today, let's talk about seamless matrix switcher, the control center of video surveillance and video conferencing system.

Matrix is actually a rectangular square matrix composed of many electronic switches. It is a device that transmits one or more video and audio signals to one or more display screens respectively.

At present, the matrix on the market generally belongs to seamless switching, that is, there will be short delay, black screen, flash screen visible to the naked eye in the process of signal switching, and the duration is not synchronous. Some manufacturers do not improve this phenomenon, so that the switching delay reaches several seconds, which to some extent affects the visual ornamentation and fluency of the switching effect.

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