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  Video distributor

Video distributor is a device that distributes a source equally into multiple video signals.

A video signal corresponds to a monitor or a video recorder. If you want the image of a camera to be sent to multiple managers, it is recommended to choose a video distributor. Because of the large attenuation of parallel video signal, the image will be seriously distorted and the line will be unstable when sent to multiple output devices due to impedance mismatch.

In addition to impedance matching, the video distributor also has video gain, so that the video signal can be sent to multiple output devices at the same time for a short distance without being affected, thus ensuring the synchronization of video transmission to a certain extent. But it has no practical effect on the transmission branch of long-distance coaxial cable.

For example, the video signal captured by the front-end camera can be accessed to the central matrix through the video distributor, and then to the hard disk video recorder or display device. Video distributor usually has 1 input and 2 output (i.e. 1 in and 2 out), 1 in and 4 out, 1 in and 8 out, etc. Common video distributors also have 4 in 8 out, 16 in 32 out and other models. Some models also have the functions of character superimposer and video isolator. There are 2 points 48 points 2416 points 48.

Video switcher

The display part of TV monitoring system includes video switcher and monitor guide. The function of video switcher is to switch, repeat, process and copy the image signal transmitted by the system. It can automatically or manually control multiple video signals, so that a monitor can monitor multiple camera signals.

video matrix switcher

Video matrix switcher is an electronic device that can arbitrarily output M-channel video signals to n-channel monitoring devices by array switching. Generally, the input of matrix is larger than the output, i.e. m > n. Some video matrices also have audio switching function, which can synchronously switch video and audio signals. This kind of matrix is also called video-audio matrix switcher. At present, there are two kinds of video matrix, analog matrix and digital matrix. Video matrix switcher is generally used in various monitoring occasions.

If you have 70 cameras, but only 7 monitors, then the matrix allows your monitor to cycle through 70 cameras.

In short, the matrix host is mainly used with the TV wall to complete the function of picture switching. But the common matrix input (camera) is 16 times, output (monitor) is 4 times; AD matrix is the originator of video switching matrix in the United States, and the first video switching matrix in the industry is from AD. So far, analog video switching matrix in the market basically refers to the circuit design of AD matrix. Accounting Architecture.


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