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HDMI Extender Product Introduction



Product Brief

High-definition uncompressed 100m HDMI extender is composed of sender and Receiver. It is a new generation of high-definition extender product developed by our company according to engineering standard. Unlike the conventional 100m extender based on TCP/IP protocol in the market, this product has zero-delay image transmission, and the image restoration of completely uncompressed processing is better. The product extends the resolution of HD video up to 1920*1080@60HZ through a CAT5e/6 or more pure copper twisted pair (568B sequence: orange/orange/green/blue/white/green/brown/brown). Independent audio is extended to the far end, and *** can reach up to 100 meters. At the same time, the transmitter provides an HDMI output port for local display. The device is used.

This product adopts the original import scheme of the United States. The signal transmitter transmits video and audio signals with high fidelity. The built-in lightning protection and anti-jamming circuit greatly improves the stability and service life of the product. This product is widely used in computer field, home theater, monitoring, education, bank certificate and other systems.


Installation matters

1. Because of the design specifications of HDMI interface, all devices with HDMI interface are not allowed to perform hot-swap operation in principle. In order to protect HDMI interface from damage as much as possible during the installation and connection of HDMI extender, please shut down the power supply of the devices that need to be connected, such as mainframe and display, during the connection process, and wait for HDMI line and network line connection. After the connection is completed, the power supply of the HDMI extender and the power supply of the connecting device are connected.

2. The transmitter and receiver of the extender are equipped with LED light power supply and signal indication. When only power supply is inserted, the signal lamp of HDMI transmitter and HDMI receiver is red, and when only HDMI line is inserted, there is no signal input and indication. When the HDMI line and power of transmitter receiver are connected, the LED lamp is green, indicating HDMI. Both the signal and the power supply receive the signal, and the equipment can work normally. If the LED lights are still red after the HDMI wires and power supply are connected, please check whether the output of HDMI signal of the host device is normal and check or replace the HDMI wires.

3. The lengthener needs to use a single standard CAT5e/6 or a network line for transmission. The network connection method adopts 568B line sequence, and all 8-core network lines need to be used. Non-standard wires are liable to cause poor transmission quality or insufficient transmission distance.

4. The extender adopts HDMI HD multimedia interface. If HDMI to DVI adapter is used, DVI digital display interface is also supported to transmit DVI signals, which brings greater flexibility to the engineering system.

5. The connecting wire of the extender should be buried and pierced as far as possible. Do not go along with 220V or 380V high-power wires. It is easy to cause interference or no picture phenomenon.

6. The extender has a special grounding device. After installation, please do a good job of grounding at both ends of the extender. It can prevent lightning strike, improve the stability of the equipment and the service life of the equipment for a long time.


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