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Signal Transmitter Processing of Distributed Large Screen Mosaic System



Distributed large-screen mosaic controller is a system-level hardware system based on distributed technology. It uses IP network as signal transmission channel and real-time image processing technology to compress and encode various video signal sources. The compressed and coded data are packaged into IP code streams that can be transmitted over Ethernet. The display terminal receives all kinds of messages. The number stream is decoded in real time, and the image signal is restored to the image for display. Distributed large screen mosaic controller usually consists of the following parts:

(1) Signal Source Processor: Real-time encoding of various video signals (RGB signal, video signal, HD signal, audio signal, etc.) into IP stream that can be transmitted over Ethernet;

(2) Ethernet switch: forwarding the IP code stream of the signal to the display processor according to the IP address;

(3) Display Processor: Receiving IP streams from different signal sources and decoding them for display in real time;

(4) Control and management software: users control and set up all processors in real time through control and management software;

(5) Each input or output node has two Gigabit ports, and the input and output nodes are connected to the switch through the CAT6 network line.


The networked distributed large-screen mosaic control system can be flexibly combined according to the actual signal transmission signal access and display needs of customers. The signal processing capability of the whole system is the superposition of all the processing capabilities of the display nodes. While the scale of the system continues to expand, the signal processing capability has been significantly increased accordingly.

This advanced structure breaks through the restriction of signal processing speed by the size of the system, and can fully meet the increasingly stringent image application mode of video surveillance users and the speed requirements of real-time display of large quantities of IP video signals.


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