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Application of matrix switcher of Xiaohe signal transmitter



Matrix switching is the "center" of digital signal transmission, which takes on the function of signal access and output. Matrix switcher is to transmit one or more video and audio signals to one or more display devices, such as two computer hosts sharing a display, and matrix switcher can transfer two computers. The content on the host is arbitrarily switched to the same or more monitors, which is a kind of device to switch the output of multi-channel signals.

Today, matrix switcher is widely used, whether in home computer and TV, or the company's splicing screen. And in the future, matrix will become more and more important, which will bring us more convenience in our work and life.

I. Security Monitoring Industry

Security monitoring is probably the most widely used industry of matrix switchers, the most common are community monitoring, road monitoring, building monitoring, underground garage monitoring and so on. Many people first come into contact with matrix switches or perhaps via video surveillance. In video surveillance, there are usually many surveillance cameras to collect signals, which will be displayed in the surveillance center after transmission processing, which requires matrix switcher and signal transmitter to achieve. Because this scenario requires high-definition real-time monitoring, choose HDMI matrix switcher as far as possible.


2. Multimedia Classrooms, etc.

Multimedia classrooms and academic lecture halls usually appear in schools. They are a good occasion for knowledge exchange and dissemination. Multimedia signal transmission switching can only be realized by using matrix switcher. For example: how to display the teacher's speech material output on the various monitors in the field, how to expand his voice in multiple stereos, how to automatically control the rise and fall of the projector, and so on. In this case, BV matrix switcher is generally recommended.

III. Intelligent Central Control Conference

The emergence of intelligent central control meeting enables enterprises to manage and operate better with the help of such a platform. The conference room itself is a place where people gather to discuss the size of the business in the company's management and operation. Therefore, it is very important to have an easy communication, intuitive description and strong management environment. For example, we can easily construct such a conference environment by using Xiao He's matrix switcher with some other conference devices.


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