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The Difference of Signal Transmitter Scanning, High Definition and 4K Resolution



We often see that devices such as signal transducers that apply these areas and specialize in processing video signals clearly indicate what resolution they support. For example, it supports 4K, HD, full HD and SD video signal processing. So how are these resolutions specifically defined and what are the differences?

1. standard clearance

A video format with a physical resolution of less than 1280 720P refers to a vertical resolution of 720 line-by-line scanning. Before HD was not fully popularized, standard definition occupied the mainstream position in the field of video surveillance. But at present, some old projects are being applied, and most of the new projects have used higher resolution video acquisition equipment. The signal processing equipment is to ensure the output of the original resolution of the original signal source, i.e. the resolution of its original acquisition, to the maximum extent, rather than the output after improving its resolution.



2. HD

HD is a word we are familiar with at present. HD is first proposed in the field of radio and television. It is defined as 720P, 1080i and 1080P, while 1080P has another name - full HD. Compared with SD, HD video has more pixels, so it is clearer and brighter on the screen. Because of the huge amount of data transmission in HD video, the bandwidth and SD ratio are larger, so there are also H.264 and H.265 HD video compression formats.

3.4K Ultra High Definition

According to the latest information approved by the International Telecommunication Union, the official name of "4K" resolution (380 2160) is positioned as "Ultra High Definition Ultra HD". CEA requires that all consumer TV and display must satisfy the following conditions in order to be labeled "Ultra High Definition Ultra HD".

First, the smallest pixel on the screen must reach 8 million effective pixels (380 2160).

Without changing the screen resolution, at least one way can transmit 4K video;

The display of 4K content must be native, not up-converted, and the aspect ratio should be at least 16:9.

The 4K resolution is 4 times of 1080P (full HD): 3840 2160= (1920 2) (1080 2).




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