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Application Significance of Different Resolution of Signal Transmitter



We know the difference between SD, HD and 4K UHD, and we know that more pixels mean more information and clearer pictures, making the whole visual effect look more advanced. However, the higher the resolution, the greater the data information in the transmission process, and the higher the bandwidth requirement, so it is very important to choose what kind of high-definition compressed video format is in the transmission equipment. This is why most signal processing devices choose H.264 and H.265 as video compression tools.

1. Application Significance of Different Resolution of Signal Transmitter

Resolution parameters are very important for display devices. In the case of the same size screen, the higher resolution means that the screen is more delicate, that is, the details of the screen can be presented more clearly, such as images and text, which can greatly increase the user's visual experience. For example, in recent years, the hot 4K TV, its screen splitter picture looks very delicate and clear, giving people great visual experience.


In addition, for desktop displays, higher resolution also means that more content can be displayed on a screen, such as more pages, WORD documents, EXCEL tables, software interfaces, etc. side by side, especially for large data software such as GIS, SCADA, which are commonly used in the industry of monitoring, command and dispatching.

We all have a basic understanding of several different resolutions. So what's the meaning of knowing their definitions and differences?

1. After the resolution of the signal source is defined, the appropriate signal processing equipment can be selected according to the different resolution.

2. For signal sources with higher resolution, such as HD and 4K, when choosing signal processing equipment, it is particularly important to consider whether they occupy bandwidth in the transmission process, whether they are compressed, and whether they can restore the original image quality perfectly after compression, which is especially important in engineering applications.


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