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How to Choose Picture Segmenter



In the era of big data, the application of KVM switcher is becoming more and more popular, and the functions of users'needs are becoming more diverse and complex. Following is a functional description of the mainstream KVM switcher products in the market, in order to provide a reference for enterprise system administrators when purchasing KVM products.

1. compatibility

Compatibility is a factor to be considered in all software and hardware purchases. But this is more important for KVM switches. If a KVM display can't output the required video signal and the keyboard and mouse can't be controlled, what's the use value of such KVM? The compatibility of KVM is mainly considered in two aspects. First, it should be compatible with different operating systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux, Novell, Mac, Sun, etc. Second, it should be compatible with different keyboards, mice and monitors. For keyboards and mice, it is necessary to consider the compatibility of different interfaces such as PS/2 and USB.

2. Extensibility

The extensibility of KVM switches is equally important, because with the development of the network, more and more servers need to be maintained. If existing KVM brand products do not support cascading functions, it means that they need to be re-purchased, which will increase a lot of costs. The switch splitter supporting cascade can meet the daily needs only by upgrading and expanding the number of servers.



3. security

When KVM began to tend to IP technology, although it promoted the remote control technology between server and client, it also brought another worry, that is, the security issues that system administrators are most concerned about. Enterprises should establish a crucial concept: when deploying IP-based KVM, do not ignore the security issues, and should further strengthen the authentication, login password, encryption and other preventive measures.

4. Resolution:

Different devices support different resolutions. XUNWEI's high-end IP KVM switch has a maximum remote control resolution of 1920X1200@60Hz, while the analog KVM switch has a display resolution of 2048X1536@60Hz. If you require resolution, select the KVM switch as needed.

5. Remote power management:

Through access to remote power management, IT administrators can remotely manage the power status of computers or servers through a simple IE browser through the network, and perform operations such as opening, closing or reactivating unresponsive network devices. This function can realize the real unattended room.


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