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Function and Application of Picture Segmenter



Picture divider, also known as picture processor, video picture divider, video picture processor, monitor screen divider. The image of multiple cameras on one monitor can be realized by a picture divider, and the image signal can also be transmitted to the video recording equipment for recording and backup. The screen splitter has many flexible display modes, and can overlay time and channel name characters.

I. Working Principle of Picture Segmenter

The input CVBS video signal is converted into standard 656 digital signal. After editing the 656 digital signal, the input CVBS video signal is converted into CVBS video signal and output to the monitor. With this digital signal processing method, multiple video pictures can be displayed on the same monitor screen.



2. The Application of Picture Segmenter

1. The number of cameras used in CCTV surveillance system of large buildings in the surveillance industry is as many as hundreds. Too many monitors are not conducive to the full inspection of duty personnel. In order to achieve panoramic surveillance, that is to say, all the camera signals can be displayed on the monitor screen, it is necessary to use a multi-screen divider. This device can synthesize multiple video signals into one output, so that multiple video pictures can be displayed on one screen at the same time, thus saving the number of monitors. There are four pictures, nine pictures, 16 pictures and 32 pictures commonly used in image segmentation.

2. Vehicle-mounted system uses ordinary backing image system, only one video picture behind the car, but no video picture on both sides of the car, which brings great inconvenience to drivers and friends when backing up. These problems can be solved by using a multi-picture divider.

3. Main Performance of Picture Segmenter

1. Manual menu in Chinese and English

2. Power-off Memory Preservation Function

3. NTSC/PAL Automatic Recognition Function

4. Supporting infrared remote control operation

5. Single screen full screen display

6. High-quality picture freezing function

7. Automatic sequential display mode

8. High resolution picture quality, independent adjustment of channel picture quality


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