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Centralized Control Mode Equipment--Signal Transmitter



1. Centralized control mode equipment

This control mode has a centralized management of the control center room. On the basis of the system composition of the mode, additional equipment and accessories are needed to construct the centralized control and management network. At the same time, the layout of the equipment is different from that of mode 1, some of which are located locally in the conference room and some in the control center. Each conference room is equipped with microphone, sound source, physical input interface equipment, power amplifier, speaker and so on, which exchange signals with the control center.

In the control center, there are multi-functions such as centralized control, signal processing, signal forwarding, etc. in one control equipment, and switches that construct management control network, etc. The control equipment can choose the most widely used network-based digital audio processor, which has the advantages of flexible system construction, powerful function and low cost. It can also choose the digital mixer which can connect multiple interface boxes.



2. Independent Control Mode Equipment

In this control mode, the sound reinforcement system of each conference room is composed of microphone, sound source, control device, audio processor, power amplifier, loudspeaker and so on. The control device can be either a digital audio processor or a mixer, which integrates voice playback, automatic mixer, audio processor and mixing functions.

If the control core chooses the mixer, the microphone and bus output volume adjustment, sound source selection, scene switching and other operation control are more professional, and the general service personnel are not competent. If the digital audio processor controlled by the control panel is adopted, the above functions can be realized through the intuitive and concise keys or knobs of the control panel. Closer to the actual use needs.

Signal flow: The microphone and sound source of each conference room are first fed into the input interface equipment, the signal transmitter signal is converted into digital signal, and sent to the master control room through the network or optical fiber. After centralized processing, the signal is sent back to the I/O interface equipment of each conference room through the network or optical fiber, and connected to the power amplifier and loudspeaker.



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