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HDMI Single Network Extender 60m


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Characteristics of Signal Transmitter Products

1.Connect the signal source to the transmitter end of the extender with a HDMI cable. The maximum length of the cable can be up to 10 meters.

2. Connect the display end with the receiver end of the extender with a HDMI cable. The maximum length of the line system is up to 15 meters.

3. Replace HDMI line with a CAT5e line adult CAT6 line (recommended) to connect the transmitter and receiver of the extender. It can transmit up to 50 meters.

4. Connect transmitter and receiver to power supply

5. LED indication:

TX chicken LED lamp instructions: when there is no signal input, bright blue; when there is signal input, bright red.

RX LED lamp instructions: When there is no signal input, bright blue: when there is signal input, bright red.

6. EDID button: This button is used to process EDID, which can realize the switch of EDID supporting 2D and 3D (the default is EDID supporting 2D).

1080P Full HD Transmission Technology

Using High Definition Transmission Technology to Make HDMI Extender High Definition 1080P Point-to-Point Transmission

More vivid picture details

HDMI audio and video lossless synchronous transmission

Using HDMI audio and video transmission technology, synchronization is more shocking, instant feeling of cinema-level audio-visual feast

High Definition 3D Transmission

High-definition 3D image, non-destructive transmission effect doubled clear, cinema effect freely owned

Performance of new generation chips is more stable

HDMI is realized by automatic identification and display of information through transmission technology and decoding of full-automatic chip.

Lossless Conversion of Signals and Network Signals Audio and Video Play Synchronically without Delay to Ensure Clear and Delicate Pictures



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