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HDMI Wire Extension 100 m 200 m Optional


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  • Release date:2019-10-17
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brandKing Xiao HeModelXH-100KVItem numberXH-100KV
Time to marketTwo thousand and eighteenScope of applicationBroadband VPN RouterSource category Goods in stock
frequency rangeZeroCoverage areanothingspeedSix hundredm
Agreement802.11nIs there a built-in firewall?yesProduct weight0.6(KG)
The fastest delivery time1-3 daysWhether to support one consignmentSupportProcessing modeOEM processing
invoiceNo invoice providedAfter-sale serviceNational joint guaranteePacking listSynchronizer + Synchronization Line + Instructions + Color Box
colour100m,200mMain downstream platformswish,Amazon,Quick selling,Independent station,LAZADA,ebayMajor sales areasEurope, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Middle East, Africa

Characteristics of Signal Transmitter Products

1. Synchronized output with one local HDMI

The transmitter is equipped with a local HDMI output interface, which can be connected to a local display for synchronous display, replacing the distributor function and saving cost.

2. 1920 x 1080 HD quality

The transmission picture is more delicate and realistic

3. Lightning, Dust and Electrostatic Protection

Fully enclosed housing, shielding interference, lightning, dust and static electricity

4. Imported Chips, Super Core

Effectively Solve the Unstable Factor of Signal Difference in Long Distance Transmission

5. Supporting Hot Plug, Convenient and Fast

All-weather continuous work, stable and reliable performance, no operating system restrictions, no software installation and debugging, no security vulnerabilities

Note: The standard EIA/TIA-568B wiring method is adopted for KVM extender. The order of wiring is white orange/orange/white green/blue/white blue/green/white brown/brown, respectively.

It is required to adopt 5 or more types of pure copper unshielded twisted pairs. The joint must be welded reliably to avoid poor contact or short circuit between twisted pairs.



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