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HDMI Distributor 4K One in Eight Out Distributor


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  • Release date:2019-10-17
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Product parameters

Brand: King Xiao He                                                      Working current: 1.58A      

Name: HDMI 4K one-in-eight-out distributor              Power Specification: DC5V/2AHDMI

Version: HDM11.4                                                          Working temperature: -15 to 55

CHDCP version: HDCP 1.4                                              Video format: 8/10/12 bit dark color

Broadband transmission: 340MHz                                 Dimension: 276x136x24 (mm)

Transmission rate: 3.4 GHbps                                         Weight: 660g

Resolution: Supports 3840x2160/30Hz

Audio format: DTS-HD/Doby-trueHD/DTS/Dolby-AC3/DSD

Transmission Distance: Using standard AWG26 cable, input up to 10 meters and output up to 15 meters (1080P resolution)

Transmission Distance: Using standard AWG26 cable, input up to 5 meters and output up to 10 meters (4K resolution)

Product characteristics:

Sharing HD with one in eight out

The distributor synchronously displays one HDMI signal at the input end to eight HDMI HDMI display devices at the output end.

4K High Definition Multiresolution Support

3.2Gbps transmission rate supports 4Kx2K (3840x2160/30Hz) resolution downward compatible 1080P/720P/576P/480P resolution

Enjoy the cinema effect by watching 3D blockbuster

Really support HDMI 3D distribution technology, so that your source can be displayed on different HDMI display devices at the same time, more shocking scenes will be displayed one by one.

Excellence comes from every detail

This product has signal buffering and amplification function, 1080P resolution below support input 10m, output 15m long-distance transmission. 4K resolution supports 5m input and 10m output for long-distance transmission. It is easy to realize long-distance multi-channel display on the same screen.

Performance of new generation chips is more stable

By using transmission technology to automatically identify and display information and decode fully on chip, the lossless conversion of HDMI distributor signal and network signal is realized, audio and video are played synchronously without delay, and the picture is clear and delicate.



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