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HDMI splitter video distributor 1 in 4 out 4kx2k wholesale distributor 1x2 1x4


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ReceiverRXconnection method


(Picture 1)

1.    Insert the HD cable in the accessory into the HD port of the receiver (RX), and connect the other end HD cable input port of the large screen display terminal (TV or other equipment)。

2.    Insert the Type-C port of the power cable in the accessory into the power supply port of the receiver (RX), and plug the other end into the adapter or USB power supply port。(Voltage: 5V/1A )

3. Adjust the HD signal source of the TV to the corresponding HD port until the receiver's startup screen displays and the startup is successful.

Transmitter (RX) connection method:



1.    Insert the transmitter (TX) HD cable into the computer HD output port. After waiting for ten seconds, you can project the laptop screen to the big screen and complete the projection。(Please ensure that the computer is fully charged)


2.    If the computer's power supply is insufficient or the HD port cannot be powered, please connect as follows:   


(Picture 2)

3.  Plug the transmitter’s power supply into the adapter or USB power port (voltage: 5V/1A), and then the transmitter’s HD interface

2.Insert the HD interface of the laptop, wait for ten seconds to transfer the screen projection of the laptop to the big screen。


Picture3connection succeeded

Transmitter(TX)- Receiver (RX) Device pairing instructions:

Note: This product is one-to-one pairing OK when it leaves the factory。This step is to prevent improper operation or other emergencies during the use of the customer, causing pairing to fail, and then to restore and re-pair the device.。



1.  The receiver is connected to the screen and the standby interface is displayed.

2.  Insert the HD cable of the transmitter into the HD port behind the receiver, use the tool to press and hold the button on the bottom of the receiver for more than 3 seconds, and wait for the receiver to enter the pairing mode。

3.Prompt on the interface:Release the button to pair with EZCast TX ,Press and hold the button on the transmitter for more than 3 seconds. The TX indicator is always on to indicate a successful connection


Steps to directly connect the phone to the screen

Android system:

1.Open phone settings:All sharecast /Smart View/Multi-screen/Mirorring ......                2.Search RX-XXXX device and connect.

Different brand mobile phone/tablet wireless projection function setting path:

Huawei: Drop-down menu-Multi-screen      

Xiaomi: Set up-Connect and share-Cast  

Samsung: Drop-down menu- Smart View.......

iOS system connection:

1. Click WiFi on the phone settings page, find the hotspot of RX-XXXX and connect。E.g: RX-XXXX Enter password:*********    

2.     image.png   RX-XXXX

Swipe the screen to enter the Apple device control center, click Screen mirroring,Check “RX-XXXX” 。

    image.png       RX-XXXX



Be careful when using wireless HD transmission equipment:

Be careful when using wireless HD transmission equipment.

Do not use and operate this device during a storm.

Do not place the device in a humid and high temperature environment for a long time.

Do not disassemble or repair this equipment privately.


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