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Can Xiaohe Signal Transmitter Replace HDMI Automatic Switcher?



With the development of science and technology, the trend of globalization has become more and more obvious, and we have entered an information society. In today's information age, people generally pursue a comfortable and simple life. It is not difficult to find that many multi-screen processor monitors can only connect to one input, which makes it very inconvenient for us to use other input terminals. Therefore, at this time we need HDMI automatic switcher, so that we can more easily and comfortably enjoy home life.

First let's look at the HDMI automatic switcher. HDMI in HDMI automatic switch refers to high definition multimedia interface. Because the transmission bandwidth of HDMI is very high, HDMI can be used to transmit uncompressed audio signals and high resolution video signals. HDMI automatic switcher transmits one or more HDMI signals to one or more display devices respectively. For example, two computer hosts share one display, and HDMI automatic switcher can transfer two or more HDMI signals. Content on a computer host is arbitrarily switched to the same or more monitors.



HDMI automatic switcher can be divided into many types according to different specifications. Each type has different specifications, characteristics and functions, and is suitable for different places.

There are many functions of HDMI automatic switcher, the most important of which is that HDMI automatic switcher makes it easy for users to display signals in different places with only one display. HDMI automatic switcher can transmit one or more TV signals or other related signals to one or more display devices. For example, using HDMI automatic switcher can display data in two computers on one or more computer display screens, which can well avoid the need for hands. Move pull-out and insert input source.

If we are near the machine, we can use the remote control for switching operation, even at a slightly distant place, we can also use the HDMI automatic switcher to switch the input. In this way, it can not only facilitate our life, but also keep us in good working condition and happy mood in our work.


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