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What are video hybrid switchers and signal transporters?


    With the continuous development of science and technology, switchers are used more and more widely, such as video hybrid switchers, which are usually used in film production, broadcasting, medical imaging console, surveillance and post-production studios. In recent years, these solutions have shifted from pure hardware solutions to highly programmable solutions. Embedded platforms provide the right trade-off between performance and flexibility, so what is the reason for choosing a hybrid video switcher?

    Typical KxM digital video hybrid switcher/mixer receives K inputs and generates M outputs. Each K audio and video input is uncompressed/raw (HDMI <, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, etc.) or compressed/coded stream (received as unicast/multicast stream over IP network). Each of the M audio and video outputs is uncompressed/raw (HDMI <, HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, etc.) or compressed/coded.



First, as some key audio and video processing steps between input and output, typical video hybrid switcher achieves the following functions:

1. Switch any input to any output with minimum switching delay;

2. Combining two or more video inputs to generate any video output (with configurable size, transparency, location and superimposable sort);

3. Mix two or more audio inputs to generate any audio output (with configurable mixing weights);

4. The text, graphics and images of each video output are independently superimposed.

5. Keep perfect synchronization between input/output channels during synthesis and switching.

Therefore, the implementation of mixer/switcher depends on finding an appropriate embedded platform to ensure combination and compression while maintaining low design complexity.

Reasons for Choosing Video Hybrid Switcher

1. Multichannel hybrid switching for uncompressed and compressed audio/video input.

2. Accelerating binuclear 3D graphics and using 2D graphics can achieve rich overlay (text, graphics), video synthesis (with alpha mixing) and preprocessing (denoising, contrast enhancement, etc.).

3. Optimize device driver to achieve low-latency operation and frame-level synchronization.

4. Seamless support for hybrid switching of progressive and interlaced video formats.

5. Hardware accelerates video size adjustment and de-interlacing.

6. Hardware accelerates high-quality video coding, up to 1080p60, for recording (SATA, SD card, USB 3.0/2.0) or streaming media (wired/wireless).

7. High fidelity audio coding/decoding.

8. High throughput, support bandwidth-intensive graphics operations.

9. Standard-compliant encoding/decoding, streaming and recording.


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