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Problems to be Noticed in Selection of Seamless Switcher for Signal Transmitter


    When we want to realize the switch between different signal sources or different computer signals on a monitor and ensure the normal and smooth display in the process of switching, the application of seamless switcher is particularly important. Therefore, in some large-scale live activities, or stage performances, high-end live, various command centers and other often can see the seamless switch figure. Another reason for its wide application is that there will be no interference and loss in switching. So we can easily achieve some desired effects by seamless switching matrix, such as fading in and fading out effects of different pictures, adding subtitles to the pictures and so on. Here we will share how to select a seamless switching matrix, and the issues that need attention


    —— First, you need to be clear about what you want to achieve through seamless switches.

    It's necessary to think about it beforehand. The equipment chosen for different occasions is very exquisite. For example, if you need to use seamless switching matrices in some activities or performances, then for seamless switching matrices with more functions, such as fading in and fading out, displaying subtitles, etc. It is also important to note that some devices can only accept fixed signal input, so sometimes we use things such as multipliers or scalers to receive other signal sources.

    —— You need to know what the source of the seamless switching matrix is.

    Regarding the problem of signal source, multiplier plays a very important role in it. Its function is to restore the TV signal to the computer. Usually in the field activities, it can let your projector, plasma, LCD and other display devices show a good picture quality and brightness. And for the black lines that appear in the display. Scintillation and other conditions can also be well eliminated. There's another thing called a scaler. In fact, it has the same function as the multiplier. It can display your image perfectly according to the resolution of the display device.

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