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Shenzhen Xiaohe Technological Signal Transmitter and Other Major Products


Shenzhen Xiaohe Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of audio and video products, which integrates product development, design, production and sales. It provides OEM & ODM services at home and abroad. It has been committed to the research and development of audio and video processing technology. The company upholds the tenet of "people-oriented, continuous innovation" and relies on excellent R&D and management team. Team, actively and continuously invest in advanced production equipment and technology, and vigorously introduce the management concept of world-famous enterprises, to ensure that users meet the requirements of high-quality products, and rapidly develop into the industry pioneer of audio and video processing technology. 


Main product series: VGA splitter, splitter, synchronizer, matrix, extender, 3C electronic products, HDMI splitter, splitter, synchronizer, matrix, extender, 3C electronic components, digital optical fiber audio line, A/V audio line, HDMI line, HDMI distributor, HDMI switcher, HDMI switcher, HDMI switcher, HDMI switcher Converter, HDMI matrix, HDMI extender, HDMI wireless transmitter, VGA/DVI/YUV/YPbPr/SPDIF audio and video format converter, home audio and video wireless transmitter, etc. The product level is divided into ordinary consumer level, high-end fever level, engineering application level, radio and television level. Rich product line to provide customers with comprehensive sound audio and video solutions. Welcome people from all walks of life to call and consult, and work together to create the future!


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