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Where can a video matrix signal transmitter be used?


    The emergence of video matrix makes it much more convenient for people to process various complex signals (including digital and analog) when switching input and output. It is no longer necessary for us to operate each signal source manually. Many people also call video matrix "hybrid matrix switcher". Matrix is related because it works in a very similar way. There are many different types of video matrices for different video signal sources and different number of channels. Of course, they play different roles. So video matrix is widely used in many occasions.

    1. Security Monitoring Industry

    This is probably the most widely used video matrix industry, the most common are community monitoring, road monitoring, building monitoring. Underground garage monitoring, etc. Many first contacts may be through video surveillance. In video surveillance, there are usually many surveillance cameras to collect signals, which will display our surveillance center after transmission and processing. This process needs our video matrix to achieve.

    For example, there are 100 cameras and 10 Central monitors. At this time, we can choose the 128-channel monitoring matrix of Niwell in Shenzhen to realize signal switching. We can connect the front end of the monitoring matrix with the incoming video signal, and then the output terminal is connected with the input of the display, so that we can control 100 arbitrarily. The input signal is output from which output port, so it is not only convenient to monitor, but also efficient and low cost.



    2. Intelligent Video Conference

    The emergence of intelligent video conferencing enables enterprises to better manage and operate themselves with the help of such a platform. The conference room itself is where people gather to discuss the big and small things that appear in the company's management and operation. Therefore, an environment with easy communication, intuitive description and strong interaction is very important.

    For example, we can easily construct such a conference environment by using Shenzhen Xiaohe Technology's VGA matrix switcher with some other devices, in which we can easily realize: the ready materials can be easily switched from computer to display, and can participate in the conference in real time at the remote end through the Internet. Every process, every member can switch their voice to the input of the microphone...

    3. Multimedia Classroom, Academic Presentation Hall, etc.

    Multimedia classrooms and academic lecture halls usually appear in schools. They are a good occasion for knowledge exchange and dissemination. But all kinds of multimedia signal transmission switching also need to use video matrix to achieve. For example, how to display the teacher's speech material output on the various monitors in the field (such as projectors), how to expand his voice in multiple audio, how to automatically control the rise and fall of the projector, and so on.



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