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    With more than 50 industry patents, more than 3,000 sales outlets penetrate 170 major prefecture-...
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    The company covers an area of 1,500 square meters, has a professional engineering team and produc...
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    With sophisticated production machinery, integrated production process, from design - production ...
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    The company has a group of professional sales representatives, the product marketing outlets thro...
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    The company has perfect pre-sales service and after-sales service, to respond to customer needs 2...
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    Focus on high-end precision positioning

    Dongguan Xiaohe Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2015. Its products include distributor, extender, splitter, divider, synchronizer, switcher and matrix. Is specialized in audio and video, research and development, production and sales as one of the high-tech enterprises. The company has been adhering to the "quality stability, pursuit of excellence, customer satisfaction, integrity management"; business philosophy, implement "; win the market at low prices, seek customers with high quality"; the spirit of enterprise, always implement "; quality policy. Since its inception, with its strong technical talent advantages…


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