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HDMI Switcher Five-in-one-out 4K2K


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  • Release date:2019-10-17
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brandKing Xiao HeModelXH0501-LItem numberXH0501-L
Time to marketTwo thousand and nineteenSource categoryGoods in stocktypeSwitch/distributor
support systemwindows2000Resolving power3840x2160Remote wakeupSupporting remote wake-up
Power managementSupporting power managementLine length30(m)purposeSecurity Monitoring Line
OEMOEMProcessing modeOEM processingThe fastest delivery time1-3 days
Do you support a proxy?SupportinvoiceNo invoice providedAfter-sale serviceShop three bags
Packing listProducts + Power Adapter + Fine Packaging Box + Instructions + Remote ControllerMain downstream platformsQuick selling,wish,ebay,LAZADA,Independent stationMajor sales areasEurope, North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Middle East, Africa

HDMI switcher five in one out 4K *2K product characteristics:

Supporting 4K Ultra High Definition Full 3D

HDMI device definition through the 3D format and resolution, to achieve the standardization of the output and input part of the 3D system, take you into an unprecedented full 3D vision!

Fully compatible multi-device simultaneous connection display

It is suitable for HDMI devices connected to TV, such as computers/notebooks, set-top boxes/smart boxes, PS3/4 devices connected to display devices, multi-screen selection.

Enjoy the cinema effect by watching 3D blockbuster

Really support HDMI 3D distribution technology, so that your source can be displayed on different HDMI display devices at the same time, more shocking scenes one by one.

Dual Choice Control

Select the screen signal source by infrared receiving remote control, and also switch manually by selecting the fuselage button, manual/double switch, enjoy different splendor.

Five pictures switching freely

Plug and Play (Plug and Play) technology is used to switch 5 signal sources to a display at high speed.



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