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Synchronizer/Switcher 2-in 8-port USB Synchronizer Controller


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  • Release date:2019-10-17
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Synchronizer/Switcher 2-in 8-port USB Synchronizer Controller

Driver Support: No Driver, Plug and Play

Metal fuselage: firm, heat dissipation, strong anti-corrosion effect. Long-term operation: no need to worry about equipment needs rest

Drive free, plug and play

Using USB 2.0 interface, speed up to 12 Mbs, no driver, compatible with Windows UnixDos Netware operation

Simultaneous Control Function

A set of USB keyboxes and mouse palm can be used to control 8 sets of tunshu.

8-port synchronous controller

Set of USB Mouse Keys Synchronize 8 Computers

Using full speed USB 2.0 technology, speed up to 12M/bps, no driver required

Compatible with Windows, Linux, unix, dos, Netware operating systems

It is not only synchronizer, but also KVM switcher. Mouse automatically improves accuracy.

Keyboard automatic link play game handy, mouse automatically across the screen virtual switch, support hotkey switch, support multi-level cascade

Mouse traversal function

The mouse moves around in many computers, and the keyboard can switch to the corresponding computer with the mouse.

Note: Please enable traversal under synchronization

Operation ""

Fir st, press the number key, then press the "S" key; then release the "S" key, the mobile cursor will pass from the edge of the screen of the No. 1 computer to the No. 2 computer, and can go straight through to the fourth computer.

2 To cancel this function, frst press the *"key, then press the number"0"key; fist loosen the number"0", then loosen the *" key.

KM switching control function

A set of USB keyboard and mouse can control 8 of them independently.


Fi rst, press the *"key, then press the number"1"; then release the number"1", and then release the *" key, you can control the fir st computer.

2. Press the key "*" frst, then the number "2"; then loosen the number "2" irst, and then the key "*" to control the second computer.

By analogy, one of the computers can be controlled separately by keyboard keys'*'and number keys''1-8'.

Keyboard Hotkey Mode

Turn on the traversing mode and press Scroll Lock + 1 or 2 twice from the mouse to the screen.

Switching channel

Note: Connect the keyboard and mouse to the synchronizer firt, and then use USB cable to connect the synchronizer to the computer in order not to reverse, which may lead to unable to switch.

Automatic Relay Function Sets Multiple Relay Keys

Set up the serial key: Hold down the "ScrollLock" key and press the need again

Continuous keys (such as the letter "A" key)

Cancel the Release Key: Hold down the "ScrollLock" key and press the set one again

Press the key of "ScrollLock" and "ESC" to clear the key.

Note: All the above functions are recommended to operate with ordinary keyboards. If you need to use mechanical keyboards, please contact customer service.

Synchronizer and KM Switcher

A set of USB keyboard and mouse can control 8 computers synchronously

Facilitate account login and game query, support automatic mouse traversal

Screen switching, convenient and fast, open system.


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