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HDMI Distributor HDMI Line Selection Knowledge




I. Selection and Purchase of HDMI Lines

When it comes to HD, it is necessary to mention the HDMI lines necessary to transmit HD signals. Whether it's this or HD MP4, only with HDMI interface, HDMI line will be used. The quality of HDMI line directly affects the playback effect of HD. Therefore, several steps should be paid attention to when selecting HDMI line.

1. To confirm the version of HDMI line, we should pay attention to the version of HDMI line. There are usually 1.2 and 1.3 versions. It is proposed to purchase 1.3 version of HDMI line, which has higher bandwidth, higher resolution, refresh rate and color depth, and can support HD broadcasting over 1080P. The current 1.4 version of the cable support a higher rate of separation, more conducive to family HDTV, and support the most. new 3D function, choose the 3D cinema at the same time do not forget to choose 1.4 version of the cable, will have a high quality 3D effect.

2. Pay attention to the size of HDMI interface. The interface of HDMI can be divided into scale port and mini port. Because of the volume limitation, HDMI interfaces on HD MP4 are based on mini-ports. It is believed that HDMI wires for HD MP4 must be selected as "scale-mini" HDMI wires, otherwise they cannot be plugged in.

3. The longer the HDMI line is, the better. The actual transmission interval of a single HDMI line is 10-15 meters. However, in practice, it does not need to be that long. Before buying, it's best to measure the required length. Only 50 centimeters of measurement is enough.

4. Don't choose too thin HDMI line, regardless of brand, too thin HDMI line is definitely not an option. The material of the core and the thickness of the shielding layer have a great bearing on the signal quality. The too thin wire must shrink the core and shielding layer, and pay more attention to it.

5. Choose brand HDMI wires. If you find it difficult to judge the superiority or inferiority of HDMI wires with your own eyes, the simplest way is to choose brand HDMI wires.

6. Prevent excessive bending of HDMI wires. In the application of HDMI wires, it is necessary to prevent excessive bending of wires, such as folding and winding, which may damage the core or shielding layer of lines. Generally bend along the arc without damaging the cable.

7. Pay attention to the brightness of gold plating interface. Now the HDMI lines with better quality on the market all adopt 24K gold plating, which can effectively solve the problem of poor contact after plugs are inserted and dialed many times, so as to avoid the phenomenon of signal loss and affect the picture effect.



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