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Video surveillance case of a shopping mall in Shanghai

Video surveillance case of a shopping mall in Shanghai

Customer Background:

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the number of large shopping malls is increasing, and the scale of shopping malls is growing. Because of the high degree of opening of shopping malls and the concentration of high-density personnel, safety-related incidents often occur in shopping malls, which has caused great pressure on the safety management of shopping malls.

So an effective security system is a necessary element of a large shopping mall.

Demand analysis:

Shopping mall business places can be divided into: business places, entrances and exits, and parking lots, etc. Shopping malls need to focus on monitoring and management of these areas to facilitate the discovery of problems and disputes can be dealt with in a timely manner.

The main business places in shopping malls are:

(1) The shelves or counters of commodity display are open management. The customers of signal transmitters can choose their favorite commodities and pay for them. This is the most valuable area for the market itself and the place where goods are most likely to be lost and stolen. Especially for luxury goods counter, the volume of goods is small and the value is high. It is more necessary to have a clear display of local details. In case of emergencies, it is required to inform the security department at the first time.

(2) Cashier's desk, which is a centralized settlement area for customers, is prone to theft and is also the place where disputes between cashiers and customers arise most easily.



The main entrances and exits are:

(1) The entrance and exit of the shopping mall, which is the most crowded place and the only way to enter and exit the shopping mall;

(2) Vertical elevators and rolling escalators need real-time monitoring to facilitate timely measures in case of failure;

(3) Stairs and fire-fighting corridors need to be unblocked and safe.

(4) Parking lot entrance and exit

Technical difficulties

1. Real-time and stable monitoring and calling monitoring data

2. The system structure should be flexible, scalable and upgradable.

3. The operation must be simple and easy to use.

4. Clear image to realize video recording





Matrix Series provides stable and high-definition monitoring data and is easy to operate. In combination with Xiaohe Technology Extension Device, the signal is stably transmitted to the matrix to realize the integrative intelligent monitoring system for large shopping malls.

Product characteristics


1. Seamless instantaneous switching, no black screen, output resolution and modulation, single screen up to 1920*1080

2. It is compatible with splicing processor, and supports large screen splicing functions such as ordinary TV, LCD and DLP.

3. Structural design of plug-in card, easy to expand and fast to maintain.

4. Multiple computers can be remotely controlled by IP

5. Power-off memory function with power-off field protection, calls automatically restore the state before shutdown.

6. Support RS-232, Infrared, Network Port (Optional), APP Control Signal Switching Function

7. Automatically detect input and output resolution, support reading and writing function of intelligent EDID


HDMI optical fiber lengthener:

1. Using HDMI signal transmission, audio and video can be transmitted simultaneously, supporting high-definition uncompressed 4K*2K30HZ video transmission.

2. Video picture is clear without delay.

3. As a transmission medium, optical fiber has the advantages of convenient wiring, long transmission distance, strong anti-interference ability, and can adapt to various complex environments.

4. Pure hardware equipment, Plug and Play, without any debugging.

5. Easy to install and expand.

6. High cost performance.



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