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KM Recorder Keyboard and Mouse Recorder


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  • Release date:2019-10-17
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Signal Transmitter

Keyboard and Mouse Recorder

DNF/anti-cold automatic circulation brush artifact, keyboard and mouse recorder, game studio dedicated, widely used in game room, production programming, keyboard and mouse recording player share mouse switching operation.


Built-in chip, stable transmission

The chip is the core of the function load. The joint fruit adopts the built-in chip to optimize the route structure and avoid the unstable factors such as distortion and tailing of USB recording and playback.

Keyboard recording is not jammed

Simulate USB keymouse, send keymouse action information to host, simulate U disk

The host can edit the recording information stored in TF card directly, such as deleting, modifying, copying, formatting and so on.

The equipment enters the correct working state

The USB keyboard and mouse are connected to the recorder, and the output port of the recorder is connected to the host computer (there is no need to power the host during the connection). The correct working state of the recorder:

1: Recorder's light: Two lights turn on and then go out.

2: Keyboard light Num Lock connected to the recorder is lit.

3: The mouse connected to the recorder can be used normally.

4: Red light (flashing when recording, stop recording lights out).

5: Green light (flashing when playing, stop playing lights out). Troubleshooting

If the keyboard Num Lock indicator of the access recorder is not on, it means that the access keyboard is not recognized. Replace the keyboard of another manufacturer directly until the keyboard Num Lock lamp is lit.

Notes: When using the recorder, the keyboard must be connected, and the mouse can be connected or not.



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