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Distributed seat KVM in Guangzhou Metro Dispatching Center

Distributed seat KVM in Guangzhou Metro Dispatching Center

Application Case of Distributed Seating Cooperative KVM in Guangzhou Metro Dispatching Center

Customer status:

1. There are 12 data hosts in the computer room.

2. The control center has eight large DLP screens, four 23-inch HDMI displays and four keyboard and mouse sets.

3. The distance from the computer room to the control center is 150 M.


2. Customer needs:

1. Staff members need to switch the data host in the computer room.

2. When viewing the metro operation data, the DLP screen and the seating display should be switched synchronously, displaying the same picture.

3. Realize the preview function on the seat, and realize the function of one-button push screen.

4. HDMI signal input and HDMI signal output are used in the whole process


On-site DLP screen

IV. Program Realization

Twelve MT-ED600T transmitters are installed in the computer room. At the same time, eight MT-ED600R receivers are connected to the output boxes of the DLP screen and four HDMI switcher monitors are connected to the seats. The data host is connected to the sender through the HDMI line, and all the receivers and senders are connected to the MT-NS600 central control switch through the network line. To achieve high-definition vision, high-definition images will be perfectly displayed on the DLP screen and 23-inch HDMI display.

Field installation instructions:

1. Firstly, 12 transmitters are installed in the computer room and connected with 8 receivers and DLP screen. The central control switch and the receiver are in one cabinet, and the transmitter and the host are in another cabinet. They are connected through underground network.

2. After installation, 4 receiving terminals shall be installed on the seat.

3. After debugging, set up a button to push and pull the screen shortcut keys for customers to use.

V. Extensibility

With the increase of customer demand, only additional MT-ED600 transmitter and receiver can be installed, which is easy to operate and cost-saving.

6. Problems encountered

1. DLP large screen without display

The reason is that DLP screen does not support VGA output, MT-ED600R supports HDMI distributor and VGA synchronous dual output, replacing HDMI line shows normal.

2. Can't access the central control switch on the seat

Because the IP information is not set correctly, the network segment of the switch can be modified, and it is explained to the customer that if you want to dock with the client's LAN, you only need to set the same network segment in the background.



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