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Xiaohe Science and Technology 2019 new official website officially launched!


On August 18, 2019, the official website of Xiaohe Science and Technology 2019 was officially launched. The establishment of the new online official website lasted for one month, during which, after pre-market investigation and debugging, combined with the browsing needs of modern customers to optimize and improve, and finally officially launched on August 18, 2019! Compared with the old official website, the new official website in 2019 has many innovations and modifications, making the customer's browsing experience the best. The following will give you a detailed description of the advantages of the 2019 version of the official website!


I. Domain name is more professional

The official website of the 2015 edition uses the domain name of trademark for the first time, namely www.xinxiaohe.com, which can clearly express our trademark brand on the Internet, and is more eye-catching in the same industry!

2. More stable operation

Compared with the old version, the 2019 version of the official website uses a new independent large-capacity network server instead of website space, which is more secure and effectively guarantees the stable operation of the website.

3. More advanced technology

The 2019 version of the official website uses the latest. new HTML 5 technology, which can adapt to the browsing access of various display terminals, such as mobile phones, tablets, monitors, etc. Don't worry about the display problems, so that you can easily access at any time and place.

IV. More Rational Structure

According to the market department's premise survey, the 2019 version of the official website has optimized and improved the website plate, with clearer structure, providing customers with fast product navigation, so that customers can find the products and information they need more quickly and accurately.

5. More Content

The 2019 official website contains more and richer contents. For example: add new product topology, download center, etc., so that you can browse in the process of more in-depth understanding of our product applications.


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