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Basic Application of Signal Transmitter


In the courts, public security, justice, schools, transportation, energy and other enterprises and institutions, such as remote training, monitoring and command center, video teaching, remote video conference and multimedia conference rooms. These occasions often require multiple display devices to display the same picture. With the help of HDMI video distributor, users can transmit video to multiple computers at the same time, and the quality of video is not affected. Usually there are 1 in 4 out, 1 in 8 out and so on HDMI video distributor.


HDMI distributor is also designed with gold-plated interface and metal shell. In addition to making the appearance more atmospheric, the gold-plated interface mainly makes the contact more stable and safer, which is conducive to the transmission of signals and enhances the stability of signal transmission. And the metal shell is to increase the heat dissipation performance of products, such as supermarkets, which are used for a long time these days, if the heat dissipation performance is not good, just like the cell phone heating seriously, resulting in a decline in the stability and performance of equipment.

Signal Transmitter

Xiaohe Technologies HDMI Video Matrix refers to an electronic device that arbitrarily outputs M-channel video signals to n-channel monitoring devices through array switching. Generally, the input of the matrix is larger than the output, i.e. m > n. Video matrix is generally used in various monitoring occasions. It is also the most complex and expensive equipment among these HDMI devices.

HDM switcher can process audio and video transmission and switching at the same time, saving a lot of trouble and cost of operation. At present, the mainstream video matrix in the market displays 1080P high-definition signal, which can switch display screen arbitrarily through mobile APP.

Signal Transmitter

In some performance occasions or high-definition video conferencing systems, frequent switching of video signal sources is needed, and manual switching of signals not only takes time, but also is very prone to errors, leading to serious accidents on the scene, so HDMI switchers emerge as the times require. HDMI switcher is widely used in engineering cases, such as large screen display, shopping mall advertising, multimedia conference room, medical system and other application scenarios.

With the increasing number of home entertainment devices, more and more video terminals need to be connected to TV, such as Android box, HD, Blu-ray machine, PS4, computer and so on. But the HDMI interface of TV is usually only one or two. Faced with many peripheral input devices, the HDMI interface of TV will become elusive and plugged in. Yes, it's really troublesome.

HDMI switcher perfectly solves the pain point of too many input devices and lack of HDMI interface in family life. It can connect multiple peripherals at the same time. Only one HDMI cable is connected to the TV set. With a special remote controller, the signal source can be switched at will, and there is no need to frequently unplug hot plug-in, so as to reduce the interface and wires to the equipment. The interface generates unnecessary wear and tear.

HDMI Signal Transmitter

HDMI signal transmitter is a device that can synthesize multiple video signals into one output and input them to a monitor, so that multiple pictures can be displayed simultaneously on a single screen. Segmentation methods often have 4, 9 and 16 pictures. The multi-picture divider with good quality also has the function of single-channel playback, that is, it can choose any way of recording multi-channel signal and video signal at the same time to play full screen on the monitor.

HDMI signal transmitter is specially designed for large and medium-sized monitoring, dispatching and command centers. It is mainly used in command centers, video conferencing, multi-media hall and other places. It provides an ideal solution for video display in such places.


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