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Advantages and Prospects of HDMI Matrix


Multimedia conference room and large screen splicing skills are constantly developing, and an intelligent HDMI distributor is needed to switch signals. Video matrix can make many computers appear on the large screen freely. The real meaning is to adjust the corresponding relationship between multiple input video signals and multiple output displays. At that time, there were several kinds of most common video matrix types: VGA matrix, DVI matrix, HDMI matrix, etc. However, with the development of skills, the imitation matrix will be gradually screened by the market, and the digital matrix will continue to occupy the market, but in the next few years it will still coexist in the way of imitation matrix and digital matrix.


At present, some video matrices developed in shopping malls are the representatives of the most new video matrices. They are pure digital interface skills. There are no ripple and color errors in the display of video pictures. Video pictures play a better and clearer role. They are also superior to traditional video matrices in power consumption. Moreover, digital video in pure digital video matrices is also superior to traditional video matrices. In the process of transmitting, disposing and recording signals repeatedly, the quality of pictures will not decline. Not only that, it can also complete distributed storage and local control, but also can call, record and unified management of gathered pictures. These skills are functions that traditional video matrices cannot accomplish.

Comparing analog matrix with digital matrix, the function of digital matrix is better than that of analog matrix. Digital matrix can be suitable for high-definition picture switching. Moreover, digital matrix has simple operation, wider scale of use, and high stability of video matrix requirement system, because matrix equipment can be required. Ask for 24 hours of work day and night.


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